The health and safety of the residents and communities we serve is the Huntington Water Quality Board’s primary concern.  To minimize the social exposure of COVID-19, our Business office is closed until further notice.  Our customers may conduct business with us via phone, online, or drop-off box options.

Why our stormwater utility?

The Stormwater Utility was created by an unanimous act of City Council on June 23, 2014.  The three main programs that the Stormwater Utility implements are as follows:

  1. Operate and maintain the floodwall and Levee system that protects Huntington from flooding of the Ohio River.
  2. Manage stormwater runoff from public infrastructure. This includes management and repairing public storm lines and catch basins.
  3. Implementation of a Federal and State pollution prevention program that seeks to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff.

The Stormwater Utility is a separate entity from the Huntington Sanitary Board

Our wet weather issues

The Huntington Stormwater utility address issues such as old, crumbing pipes, erosion, pollution, failing culverts that lead to sinkholes; stormwater related problems that Huntington could suffer from. Because of the stormwater utility, we can tackle these potential challenges together. We are choosing proactive approaches that add beauty, save money, and protect our waterways!

How You Can Help

Some wet weather problems (like replacing aging infrastructure) need to be tackled on a city-wide level. However, you can do plenty of simple things on your own property to help reduce runoff, like capturing rainwater or planting a rain garden!