Floodwall & Levees

Floodwall & Levees Overview

We operate and maintain the flood wall/ levee system. Huntington’s floddwall consists of the following:

  1. Seven miles of concrete monolith floodwall
  2. 4.5 miles of earthen levee
  3. 45 gate openings, of which 12 are permanently closed
  4. 17 flood pump stations with 5 pumps of various sizes. Pump stations were constructed with electrical and mechanical components using 1930’s technology
  5. 45 sheds built adjacent to the gate openings that hold the stop logs for the gates


Our Challenge

The floodwall system was built between 1939-1943, utilizing 1930’s technology. The mechanical and electrical systems are very old. Throughout the entire system, there are metal and steel components, parts and pieces that have become rusted and corroded. Many of these pieces cannot be purchased in the traditional sense of going to a store or buying online. These pieces must be fabricated.