Get Involved

We all share responsibility for the health of our river and our community,

and we all have a role to play in solving Huntington’s wet weather problems. Discover how you can help by exploring these simple and sustainable solutions. Let’s make a difference, together!

Pick Up the Poop

Pick up pet waste and throw it in the trash. Always carry a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog.

Only Rain in the Street Curbs and Storm Drains

Do not dispose of trash, leaves, debris or any other materials in the street curb or storm drains. If you use a lawn care company to cut your grass or do other landscaping, make sure they do not blow grass onto the street.  Grass clipping can end up in a storm drain and cause it to clog. Click here to learn more.

Install a Rain Barrel

Do you have a garden or like to grow flowers?  Install a rain barrel at your home and collect rainwater from your downspouts to water your garden or flowers.

Do Not Over Fertilize Your Lawn

Have a soil test before you apply fertilizer and follow the instructions.  Better yet, save money, skip the fertilizer and apply garden lime to your yard.  Lime changes the pH of the soil and allows grass to uptake the existing nutrients better.

Wash Your Car on the Grass, Not a Hard Surface

Take your car to the carwash where they recycle the water.

Never Dump Waste

Never dump fats, oils, or grease into a storm drain.

You have a part to play in keeping our waters clean!