Aging Infrastructure

Old, crumbling pipes pose a threat to public safety

We have an ever-growing amount of stormwater projects. By making positive changes now, we can stop responding to these issues reactively and become proactive in protecting our river and the health of our community. Due to ongoing development and other issues, it has been challenging to keep up with the sheer amount of repairs, maintenance, and upgrades needed. Stormwater projects keep coming, and our goal is to address them as quickly as possible.

Learn About Our Infrastructure


Rivers & Streams

Small but mighty creeks play an important role. Creeks recharge groundwater, reduce erosion, and even mitigate damage from floods.

Pipes and Culverts

Pipes and culverts convey stormwater throughout Huntington. Pipes and culverts do wear down over time and must be replaced.

Curbs and Gutters

Curbs and gutters are crucial in the collection and transportation of runoff to storm sewer pipes in our more urban areas. Clogged curbs and gutters can lead to street flooding.

Inlets and Manholes

Inlets and man holes are building blocks for the storm sewer. Inlets guide water into the pipes. Manholes provide access for inspections, maintenance, and more.

Rain Garden

A designed, depressed area with native plants, a rain garden can absorb stormwater and add beauty.